What documents do I need to apply for DACA for the first time?


As noted above, CARECEN is not currently assisting with filing initial DACA applications. Nevertheless, the documents that we would require for an initial application are:

  1. Passport or birth certificate with photo ID
  2. Proof you have graduated from High School, gotten your GED or are currently in school
    • HS diploma
    • GED certificate
    • Current transcript and/or letter of enrollment from your current school
  3. Proof you entered the US before turning 16
    • Official school transcript
    • other school records
    • Visa/I-94 Card/Stamp on passport
    • Immunization/medical records
  4. Proof you have lived in the US since June 15, 2007 to the You will need 3-6 documents per year, including any of the following:
    • Official Transcripts (elementary, middle, high school, and college)
    • Bank Statements
    • Employment records or pay stub
    • Bills (cell phone, credit card, gas, electricity, etc)
    • DPSS/WIC benefit statements
    • Lease agreements/rental receipts
    • Medical/dental records
    • School/church/community certificates
    • Other documents that have your name and the date
  5. Court dispositions or clearance letters for any arrests
  6. If you have changed your name, you will need your marriage certificate or court order showing the change.

Debit, Credit card, check, or money order for payment of $495


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