CARECEN provides education and leadership development programs for youth and adults through its Youth and Parent Center and citizenship classes. All programs are at no or low cost to the community and aim to support immigrant families so they can succeed in school and work. These programs address the immediate needs of immigrants both with and without status, and they help boost their confidence, their economic possibilities and their level of community engagement.

Youth and Parent Center

  • College Head Start— A program that helps students with college access and to understand the different pathways in pursue of higher education. 
  • LGBTQ+ Workshops are facilitated in schools and community spaces. The workshops are designed to highlight the connection between LGBTQ+ and migrant issues. 

  • Youth Organizing Program— Youth engage in a three-month training focused to provide opportunities for youth to exercise their leadership skills and participate in civic engagement opportunities that addresses the needs in their community

  • ELAC Central American Studies Courses — East Los Angeles College offers Central American Studies courses in CARECEN’s facilities to high school students on Saturdays that are both UC and CSU transferable. Youth obtain the opportunity to learn about their culture and receive high school and college credit in the process.
  • Parent Council Through the Parent Council, curriculum and workshops support parents to build a better understanding of the LAUSD school system and encourage them to organize around issues impacting their children’s education. This involves participation in school committees, district and state advocacy, and organizing in the community around issues affecting their schools.
  • English Classes — Beginner level English classes available on Saturdays free to the community. 

Citizenship Classes

  • Citizenship Class -- Lasts 13 weeks. Students develop a foundation in the 100 civics questions in the citizenship exam, as well as learning to read, recognize and write the vocabulary required in the reading and dictation portions of the citizenship interview.
  • English Exempt Class -- Lasts 10 weeks. Tailored for students who have been approved to take an abridged version of the test or who are taking the test in Spanish.