For nearly 40 years, CARECEN has been on the frontlines of the fight for immigrant rights. It is our belief that all immigrants have the right to a secure and safe future for themselves and their families.

The community we serve drives CARECEN’s work. We offer legal support for asylum seekers, unaccompanied minors, and other immigrants and their families, educational support for newcomer migrant youth and their families, and support community-led immigrant advocacy and organizing efforts, such as the National TPS campaign. We stand with the immigrant community and you can too.

Donating to CARECEN means that your gift will ensure access to quality legal and social services. In 2020, we provided financial assistance to nearly 300 families through our Immigrant Families Fund to help cover rent, costs of food, and other bills. We represented over 400 adults and minors in removal proceedings filed for 2,400 DACA renewals, assisted over 1,200-day laborers by matching them with reputable employers. We have also empowered over 300 adults and youth through our Parent & Youth Leadership programs.

Donating to CARECEN is more than a tax write-off -- It is an opportunity to support and empower a community. Be a part of the change and make a donation today.