What is TPS? 

The Department of Homeland Security extends Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to individuals from a country enduring conditions that prevent the person from returning safely, such as a natural disaster or armed conflict. TPS may also apply when the person's home country is unable to handle the return of its nationals adequately. Some people without nationality who last lived in the affected country may also receive TPS. 

TPS is a conditional status that requires periodic renewal and entitles the recipient to a work permit, protection from deportation, and authorization to travel abroad. Renewal is at the discretion of the Department of Homeland Security, which determines whether the conditions that prevented the person's return persist. Note that travel abroad requires a separate application (Advance Parole), which must be approved before the applicant leaves the country. 

Do I qualify for TPS? 

To be eligible for TPS, you must: 

  • Be a citizen of a country designated for TPS, or a person without nationality who last lived in the affected country.  See Temporary Protected Status | USCIS for a current list of designated countries.  
  • File during the initial registration or re-registration period, or meet the requirements for filing late during any extension of the country’s TPS status. 
  • Have been continuously present in the United States since the effective date of the country's original or extended TPS status. 


Can I travel on advance parole?

Traveling on advance parole has many potential benefits and few potential risks.  Applicants seeking to travel on advance parole should consult with an attorney or OLAP (Office of Legal Access Programs) accredited representative before doing so. CARECEN offers FREE advance parole application assistance to eligible TPS holders.

What happens if I miss a re-registration window?

If you did not re-register during the designated timeframe, we recommend that you get a consultation to see if you qualify to re-register late by showing you had good cause for missing the filing window.

What legal assistance does CARECEN offer to TPS holders?

CARECEN offers comprehensive and free legal services for TPS holders from all TPS designated countries.  Services include TPS re-registrations/requests for work permits, advance parole consultations and form preparation, legal consultations, family petitions, and applications for other immigration relief.   CARECEN is often able to complete family petitions, adjustments of status, and other immigration cases free of cost. 

If you would like information about our TPS services, contact us at 213-385-7800 x136.  Address: 2845 W. 7th Street Los Angeles, CA 90005. For TPS assistance in the San Fernando Valley, please call our office in Van Nuys at 818-616-6019.   

How much does CARECEN charge for TPS legal services?

CARECEN’s TPS services are free of charge income-eligible California residents. 

I am directly affected by these TPS decisions, how do I join the TPS campaign?

CARECEN, the Save TPS campaign, and the National TPS Alliance invite you to join in their efforts to protect TPS and collectively advocate for permanent residency for TPS holders and the 12 million other immigrants that are fighting for legal status in the United States.

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*We encourage you to consult with a trusted attorney or OLAP accredited representative to verify eligibility and potential legal particularities in individual cases.


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