19 March, 2024 6:19 PM

CARECEN Condemns Supreme Court Decision Allowing SB 4 to Take Effect

Los Angeles, California- Today, the United States Supreme Court has temporarily sided with Texas to enforce its controversial SB4. This law would allow local police and officials to detain and arrest people suspected of being unauthorized migrants, raising concerns of racial discrimination.

In Response the Central American Resource Center has issued the following statement:

“We are outraged by the Supreme Court decision that would allow the State of Texas to implement its utterly racist and Xenophobic law. Said Martha Arevalo", CARECEN, Executive Director. Fueled with anti-immigrant and racist motives, this law will have dangerous, life-altering consequences for migrants and people of color who will be targeted in the U.S. This will exacerbate the mistrust of local law enforcement in vulnerable communities, leading to more harm. This will further fuel discrimination, racism, and abuse of power. 

We stand with the immigrant and refugee communities in Texas and all people affected by this racist law. Everyone, regardless of immigration status, has a right to safety and live a life without fear of persecution.   


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