Defend the CARECEN Worker Center from Eviction


Stand with us in protecting our day laborers against displacement.


Since 2004, our CARECEN Day Labor Center has assisted thousands of hardworking men & women find employment opportunities and make positive contributions to the Los Angeles community. Many day laborers come to our center seeking employment, a safe haven, access to services such as workforce development, healthcare, English classes, know your rights workshops, legal services and defense against wage theft.

Just days before the 2019 Holidays when day laborers and their families were coming together to celebrate, our center received an eviction notice. The property owner's notice characterized individuals “who appear to be applicants” of the Center as threats and criminals. This letter profiles immigrant workers as criminals & threatens CARECEN-LA with litigation if we do not vacate the premise by January 17.

Sign and share this petition to urge the property owners to preserve the center. The Petition will also be shared with the city of Los Angeles and the office of council member Cedillo to ensure their continued support.


#SaveWorkersCenter #DefendJornaleros #NoEviction 

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