14 March, 2023 4:16 AM

Quarter 4 Newsletter

A Message From Martha Arevalo, Executive Director.

As this year comes to a close, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve our community and hope 2023 brings many blessings to all immigrant families. 

The post-pandemic recovery exposed structural inequalities and the lack of an existing safety network for the most vulnerable. While we have only just begun to see the full impact—especially for the most marginalized—we’ve seen how it has impacted immigrant families, refugees, and border policies.

Throughout all of this, CARECEN has stood with the community during these challenging times. This year, we addressed the barriers our families faced at the most basic level, including an individual’s uncertain legal status. CARECEN represented clients not only in affirmative applications but also in immigration court.

Although connecting immigrant families and refugees to other critical social services has always been a part of our DNA, this year we hired a case manager for the first time. Most families we work with, whether in our Legal Department or through our Organizing, Advocacy, and Policy Department, need additional resources and support to survive and integrate into their communities. In the coming year, we hope to expand our rapid response unit and increase our capacity to offer the community a more holistic experience. 

I am grateful to our staff, community, funders, and other partners that made it all happen, but we cannot do this alone

Today, you have a chance to pledge your support for our work. Whether you can give $25 or $2,500, you are a part of the solution.

Thank you for being a part of this work. Below are some highlights of what we accomplished together in 2022.

In gratitude and community,  

Martha Arevalo

Executive Director

The 2022 Year in Review! 

With YOUR Support, We Made This Possible! 


New Report Finds Significant High Levels of Burnout, Mental Health and Financial Challenges Amongst Staff in Immigrant Rights Movement

The California Community Foundation and Weingart Foundation launched a new report, “From Burnout to Wellbeing: Building a Sustainable Immigration Movement,” which examines the current state of nonprofits and staff within Southern California’s immigrant rights movement.

Read the report here.

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Join now to make a 2022 tax-deductible donation! We have just 3 days left to reach our $10,000 matching gift goal with our partners at The Change Reaction. The time to make a resounding impact for 2023 is now! 




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