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In a Heavily Contested Election, Americans Have Voted Out Hate and Elected Joe Biden as 46th President & Kamala Harris as Vice President of the United States

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November 6th, 2020

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In a Heavily Contested Election, Americans Have Voted Out Hate and Elected Joe Biden as 46th President & Kamala Harris as Vice President of the United States 

Nationwide –  Amid the most important election in our nation's modern history, American voters have elected Joe Biden & Kamala Harris to become the next President & Vice President of the United States of America. The year 2020 has been a defining moment for the country with the rise of hateful acts and a pandemic that continues to devastate communities of color. 

This election season saw a historic record number of people turning out to vote and participating in the electoral process. The election showed the importance of voting by mail and how important it is to COUNT EVERY VOTE. The years of organizing efforts of directly affected community members, organizers, labor unions and activists played a crucial role in flipping key states and counties 

CARECEN LA looks forward to working with the Biden/Harris Administration and the new Congress to find permanent solutions to our broken immigration system that often criminalizes immigrants and refugees, instead of recognizing their immense contributions to this nation.  


Martha Arevalo, Executive Director of CARECEN-LA issued the following statement:

“This moment was long overdue. Our communities are tired of the hate, racism, xenophobia and misogyny that have driven the political culture for the past 4 years, which brought to light the continued racism this country continues to endure. 

Now, we must move forward and build together. Our country has said ENOUGH! And has ensured an opportunity to build towards an era full of dignity, vibrancy and political renewal.

However, as we build towards a more dignified future, we must never forget the damage caused by a racist demagogue and unaccountable politicians. The violence inflicted on our immigrant communities and the lives lost unnecessarily to the COVID-19 pandemic are horrendous and have set a dangerous precedent for generations to come. 

Regardless of who is in power, we must continue to hold all of our elected officials accountable and promote an affirmative vision that is inclusive and works to bring families together. 

We have no time to spare. Children are still locked in cages, TPS holders are anxiously waiting for a permanent solution & DACA recipients are eager to live their lives peacefully. This is no time to step back, now the real work begins.

We expect Joe Biden to keep his promises and move forward a robust solution that includes a permanent solution for TPS holders, a humane asylum program, an end to inhumane immigrant detention,  and the immediate reunification of families separated by the Trump administration.”


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