03 April, 2022 10:32 PM

Biden Administration to Finally Terminate Title 42

Los Angeles, CA, - Friday the Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas issued a statement on Friday, April 1st, announcing that given the CDC recommendation, the Administration will finally end Title 42 health order starting May 23. Two years ago, the The Trump Administration issued Title 42 with the “justification” that migrants seeking asylum at US borders pose a serious danger of spreading COVID- 19 and as a result approximately 1.3 million asylum seekers have been turned away.

“CARECEN applauds the advocacy work done by immigrant and refugee rights organizations across the country demanding justice for the most vulnerable communities seeking refuge and protection. These efforts have resulted in the termination of Title 42, said Joana Reyes, CARECEN Policy Manager. “While we welcome this news, the Biden Administration cannot overlook the hundreds of expulsions of refugees that will continue to happen at our nation's borders until the end of this policy takes place. President Biden must continue to repeal all of the Trump Administration’s anti-immigrant policies in order to truly begin to build a fair, humane, and anti-racist asylum system. We hope the US and the world are able to protect migrants and refugees regardless of nationality, skin color, economic status, education or religion.” 

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