As TPS Renewal Deadline Approaches, CARECEN Announces Opening of San Fernando Office to Process Applications

(March 4, 2015, Los Angeles) – CARECEN Los Angeles reminds the Salvadoran community that the deadline for TPS renewal is March 9, and CARECEN is now processing applications at both its Los Angeles headquarters and at its newly opened San Fernando Valley office. Continue reading

CARECEN: Judge Hanen’s Ruling on State Lawsuit to Block DAPA/DACA Programs Is a Temporary Setback and Part Of a Cynical Attack on Immigrants

(February 17, 2015, Los Angeles) – The Central American Resource Center Los Angeles (CARECEN) considers Texas federal judge Andrew Hanen’s ruling blocking President Obama’s DACA expansion and DAPA programs a temporary setback and will continue preparing to help thousands of immigrants apply for protection from deportation. Continue reading

Carecen will Process DACA Extension Applications Beginning February 18 at its Headquarters in Pico-Union

(February 13, 2015, Los Angeles) – CARECEN Los Angeles announces it is ready to process applications for the expanded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program beginning February 18, when the federal government expects to release the application form. Those who qualify can apply at CARECEN headquarters in Pico Union. Continue reading

Day Laborers Partner With Gratts Elementary School to Create a Vegetable Garden for the Student Community

(February 4, 2015, Los Angeles) – On Friday, February 6, at 9:15 a.m., day laborers from the Central American Resource Center (CARECEN), will volunteer their efforts to clean up and prepare a community garden at Gratts Elementary School, 309 S. Lucas Ave., for the students to learn science and beautify their surroundings. Continue reading

CARECEN: Republican Efforts to Defund Dapa/Daca, as Well as Lawsuit to Block These Programs, Are Cynical Attacks on Immigrants

(January 16, 2015, Los Angeles) – This week’s efforts by Republicans in Congress to defund deferred action programs for immigrants, as well as a lawsuit by 25 states claiming the programs are unconstitutional, are cynical, mean-spirited attacks on immigrants that show Republicans’ lack of commitment to immigration reform, said CARECEN Executive Director Martha Arévalo. Continue reading

CARECEN LA Announces Dates for Free Study Sessions for Those Who Plan to Take the Driving Test Under Ab60

(Thursday, January 16, 2015, Los Angeles) – CARECEN LA announces the dates for study sessions planned to help those who want to request a drivers’ license under the new AB60 law, which allows for people without legal status in the United States to apply. Continue reading

Carecen Welcomes President Obama’s New Approach To Cuba

(December 19, 2014, Los Angeles) – As President Obama announces a major shift in U.S.-Cuba relations, CARECEN welcomes what in his words is “a new approach."  We believe normalization of this long-fraught relationship can signal a new diplomacy in the region, and will shift the dialogue back to the real interests of both countries. Continue reading

Administrative Relief Measures a Step Forward, but Many Are Left Without Protection

(November 20, 2014, Los Angeles) – CARECEN supports, as a good first step, the immigration administrative relief measures announced today by President Obama, including deportation deferral that could help the parents of legal residents and U.S. Citizens, as many as 5 million people, come out of the shadows and contribute even more the U.S. economy. However, we also recognize that the struggle for meaningful and fair reform continues. Continue reading

It’s Time to Be Bold, Mr. President

(November 17, 2014, Los Angeles) – CARECEN LA urges President Obama to protect undocumented immigrants from deportation and keep families together.  It’s time for the President to be bold and deliver on his promise for administrative relief for millions of immigrants who contribute every day to the U.S. economy and to the fabric of this nation.   Continue reading

Immigrant Communities to Obama, Congress and Senate: Do Not Take Our Vote for Granted

(October 31, 2014, Los Angeles) – On the eve of mid-term elections, Latino communities are carrying out a nationally coordinated action in key states with large Latino populations to send a strong message to President Obama, the House, and the Senate that the time to act is NOW on immigration reform and on administrative relief for undocumented families. Continue reading