You can reach anyone in our staff by dialing the main CARECEN number, (213) 385 7800, then their personal extension. Our fax number is (213) 385 1094

Martha Arévalo 
Executive Director  x135

Elda Martinez
Development Director  x128

Nineth Coto
Finance Manager  x145

Alejandro Rojas
HR/Office Manager 

Randy Herrera
IT Support  x185

Cecy Zarate
Administrative Assistant  x177

 Jenny Villegas
Developmenet Associate  


Immigration Legal Services

You can reach anyone in our legal staff by dialing the main CARECEN number, (213) 385-7800, then their personal extension. Our fax number is (213) 385-1094

Daniel Sharp 
Legal Director  x153

Erika Pinheiro
Managing Attorney  x131

Gloria Espitia 
Managing Attorney  x143

Gina Manciati 
Supervising Attorney  x160

Stephanie Ryan
Supervising Attorney  x182

Joanna "Asia" Furmanska
Managing Attorney x162

Amanda Chavez Doupe
Staff Attorney  x164

Nadia Segura
Staff Attorney  x196

Karlyn Kurichety
UCLA Law Fellow x159

Arifa Raza 
Staff Attorney  

William Romero
Co-Supervising Attorney, SFV Office  x195

Sheela Sood
Co-Supervising Attorney, SFV Office  x166

Friyana Dadabhoy 
Staff Attorney  

Cindy Garcia
Equal Justice Works Emerson Fellow 

Diamante Rueda
Equal Justice Works Law Graduate  x175

Katherine Lucero
Legal Receptionist  x136

Henry Aguilar
Legal Services Coordinator/
BIA Accredited Representative  x126

Julie Mitchell
Managing Attorney, Citizenship and Family-Based Unit x138

Paula Martinez
Legal Assistant  x161

Byron Lainez
Legal Assistant  x120 

Ricardo Diaz
Legal Assistant  x176

Jovana Morales
Anti-Fraud Coordinator/
Legal Assistant  x144

Yessica Flores
Citizenship Education Coordinator/
Legal Assistant  x173

Alexandra Morales 
Paralegal/Citizenship Instructor x188

Francisco Cabrera
AmeriCorps Legal Assistant  x159

Leonidas Garcia
Paralegal  x192

Karina Licea
Legal Assistant  x193

Karen Herrera
AmeriCorps Legal Assistant  x191

Bryon Alvarez
Legal Assistant  x190

Darlene Olmedo 
Legal Assistant x116

Angela Morales
Paralegal  x147

Diana Flores 
BIA Accredited Representative x180

Yaritza Gonzalez
Legal Assistant x119

Albanydia Amezquita
Legal Assistant   

Alma Lemus
U-Visa VAWA Intake Coordinator/

Legal Assistant x140

Elizabeth Hernandez 
Equal Justice Works Emerson Paralegal x171

Arlene Santos
Legal Assistant  x152

Alberto Patricio
BIA Accredited Representative, SFV Office  

Diamante Rueda
Equal Justice Works Law Graduate  

Karla Munoz
Legal Assistant  x117

Regina Ramirez Alexander 
Legal Assistant 

Carlos Suarez
Legal Assistant  

Elizabeth Palma
Citizenship AmeriCorps Legal Assistant/Instructor x187

Kimberly Gonzalez
U Visa/VAWA Public Allies Legal Assistant 

Stephanie Arellano
Legal Assistant  x198

Priscilla Hernandez
Legal Assistant  

Joshua Navarrete
Legal Assistant  

Rita Orantes
Legal Receptionist, SFV Office

Beatriz Sarabia
Public Allies AmeriCorps Apprentice x189












Community Organizing and Education

You can reach anyone in our staff by dialing the main CARECEN number, (213) 385 7800, then their personal extension.
Our fax number is (213) 385 1094. To reach staff at the Day Labor Center, please dial (213) 483-0136.

Ana García
Policy Coordinator  

Evelyn Hernandez
TPS-Residency Campaign Coordinator

Jennifer Cárcamo
Digital Organizer x134

Olga Gonzalez
Coordinator Plaza Comunitaria/Casa Universitaria  (310) 597-1424






Parent and Youth Center

Susana Zamorano
Parent Coordinator/Organizer  x154
Rocio Veliz
Youth Coordinator/Organizer  x137

Victoria Dominguez
Education Services/Policy Coordinator  x142

Jeanette Perez
College Head Start AmeriCorps Intern  x142

Day Labor Center

Andreyna Baldenegro
Day Labor Coordinator/Organizer  (213) 483-0136 OR x260
Jorge Nicolas
Day Labor Coordinator/Organizer  (213) 483-0136 OR x169