Immigrant Rights Organizations Converge on Congressman Kevin Mccarthy’s Office to Demand That He Defend Existing Protections for Unaccompanied Minors

(October 9, 2014, Los Angeles) – A statewide coalition of immigrant rights groups today launched caravans that converged in front of the Bakersfield offices of Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) to demand that he defend the law protecting unaccompanied children from Central America. Continue reading

Carecen Urges President Obama to Protect Welfare of Central American Children, Airs Concerns About Processing Refugee Claims in Home Countries

(October 3, 2014, Los Angeles) – The Central American Resource Center (CARECEN Los Angeles) agrees that the children fleeing Central America meet refugee status requirements and should receive protections. However, the Obama administration’s proposed program to allow in-country processing of refugee claims would only potentially benefit a small number of children and does not solve the humanitarian crisis. Continue reading

Carecen Honors Congressman Raúl Grijalva and Clean Car Wash Campaign in Celebration of its 31st Anniversary

(September 25, 2014, Los Angeles) – Congressman Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.) and the CLEAN Car Wash Campaign received top honors as the Central American Resource Center (CARECEN) celebrated its 31st Anniversary Awards Dinner last night at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Continue reading

“ICE Out of LA” Coalition Reacts to Obama Decision to Postpone Administrative Relief

(September 10, 2014, Los Angeles) – Obama’s announcement Saturday to delay any executive action to protect families from deportation, though disappointing, is not surprising. Obama’s decision to ignore the lives of migrants in order to play politics is nothing new. Continue reading

Children Should not be “Human Shields” in D.C. Battles Over Immigration

(September 9, 2014, Los Angeles) – A coalition of community groups urges Sen. Dianne Feinstein to be a vocal champion of unaccompanied children detained at the border in light of President Obama’s decision this weekend to postpone administrative relief. Continue reading

CARECEN LA Hails Settlement Of ACLU Case That Will Allow Unfairly Deported Immigrants to Make Their Case Before an Immigration Judge

(September 2, 2014, Los Angeles) – The Central American Resource Center (CARECEN) hails the settlement reached in a class action suit brought by the ACLU against U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement that will lead to better voluntary departure procedures. Continue reading

Carecen Urges President Obama to Protect Welfare of Central American Children, Has Concerns About Pilot Program Processing Them in Home Countries

(July 25, 2014, Los Angeles) – As an organization advocating for the rights of Central American immigrants for over 30 years, CARECEN is encouraged that the situation of child refugees at the U.S.-Mexico border is receiving attention from the presidents of all the countries involved. Continue reading

Immigrant Rights Coalition Calls For Retaining Legal Protections Of Unaccompanied Children At The U.S.-Mexico Border

(July 22, 2014, Los Angeles) – In response to the humanitarian crisis caused by thousands of unaccompanied Central American children turning themselves in to immigration authorities at the U.S.-Mexico border, immigrant and human rights organizations in Southern California are calling on Congressional leaders and the Obama administration to keep the protections provided by the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA). Continue reading

Administration Falls Short on Humane Response for Unaccompanied Minors Traveling to the U.S.

(June 12, 2014, Los Angeles) -- Over the past year, the humanitarian crisis caused by our broken immigration system has worsened to include tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors who are currently being held in detention centers. The influx of unaccompanied minors, mostly from Central America, attempting to enter the United States has grown at an alarming rate from just below 25,000 last year to the 90,000 that are expected to travel to the United States this year. The conditions in which these minors are held are distressing. Overcrowding and lack of hygiene are prominent. Detention centers have reached capacity and minors are now being transferred to facilities in other states, increasing the difficulty of being reunited with their loved ones. 061214 Unaccompanied Minors Release FINAL.pdf Continue reading