For more than three decades, CARECEN has been pivotal in changing unjust immigration policies, providing immigrant integration programs, delivering immigration legal services, and fostering community activism in immigration policy, education reform and workers’ rights.

We are guided by three programmatic pillars:

  • Leadership development – at schools, at the Day Labor Center, and at CARECEN
  • Advocacy/Policy Agenda – Immigration and education reform, workers’ rights and community strengthening 
  • Educational Enrichment – provides tools for day laborers, parents, youth and adults 

CARECEN’s core programs are:

  • Immigration Legal Services – CARECEN’s immigration legal department has a regional reach and provides direct services, policy development and advocacy to about 20,000 people per year. Direct services include consultations with immigration attorneys to prepare and file immigration cases as well as help with pro se matters such as fingerprint and criminal record requests.
  • Education and Organizing – CARECEN develops parent, youth, and worker leaders through leadership, advocacy and organizing training. CARECEN educational programs, including enrichment programs for youth and distance learning and citizenship classes for adults, help broaden those leaders' horizons and build their confidence.
  • Economic Development and Justice Campaigns – CARECEN’s Day Labor Center is the central piece of this effort. Each day, it helps match immigrant workers with employers and advocates for workers in disputes. Day laborers also participate in workshops and talks that develop leadership and acquaint them with benefits and services that may be available to them.