Organizing & Community


Grassroots organizing is at the heart of CARECEN. It's how it was born, how it achieved its successes over the years, and how it largely continues to serve its community. Some of the services we provide, such as TPS renewal and AB60 education, are the direct result of our organizing efforts.

We are members of several coalitions of national, state and local social justice organizations that seek policy changes around immigration and education reform and workers' rights. Each year, CARECEN organizers plan an agenda of campaigns to wage in each of these areas. Sometimes with our coalition partners, or on our own, CARECEN organizes actions and advocacy activities in support of these campaigns — from marches to legislator visits to information forums. These are our active campaigns: 

TPS to Residency Campaign Economic Opportunity
CARECEN Day Labor Center Trust Act
Restore Day Labor Center Funding ICE Out of L.A.