Where can I find legitimate legal immigration services?

Only immigration attorneys and representatives accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals can advise on legal immigration issues.

A representative accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals can only work in nonprofit organizations. Accredited representatives have received extensive training on immigration laws. To find an accredited representative visit the Department of Justice’s webpage: http://www.justice.gov/eoir/statspub/raroster_files/raroster_reps.htm#M

To practice, an attorney should have a degree that accredits them as such and have been admitted to the State Bar in one of the fifty states. For more information on how to find an authorized attorney contact the American Immigration Lawyers Association www.ailalawyer.com

An immigration attorney or accredited representative:

  • Will present your legal options and examine your case in detail before guaranteeing any result
  • Will provide you with a written contract that indicates the services that will be provided and the costs for said services
  • Will never ask you to sign a contract in a language different than what you speak, if necessary you will be provided with a translated contract
  • Will never ask you to sign documents in blank
  • Has the responsibility to inform you about the state of your immigration case

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