• Romero Hall

  • Romero Hall

  • Romero Hall

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  • Patio Area

  • Patio Area

Venue Rentals


Your Special Event in Romero Hall

CARECEN’s Romero Hall is available for special events! You can rent Romero Hall at CARECEN for your special event. With a capacity of 250 guests. Romero Hall is a space that works admirably, and at a reasonable price, for our community’s celebrations.

Whether it’s a baptism, a quinceañera or Sweet-16, a wedding, a dance, or a pachanga, CARECEN provides everything you need to make of your event an unforgettable day or evening. There are chairs and tables available without additional cost, and events scheduled on Sunday receive a special discount. 

In addition to Romero Hall, we also have the Patio Area available for smaller events. This space can accommodate up to 75 guests.







For smaller events we also have a patio space available.


For more information, please contact:

Alejandro Rojas
(213) 385 7800 x125
[email protected]



This information pertains to private events only. Details may vary for any non-profit or community related events and prices may be LOWER. Please contact Alberto Carmona (x104) for further information.  

Esta information solamente es para eventos privados. Detalles para eventos comunitarios o de organizaciones sin fines de lucro pueden variar y los precios pueden ser más BAJOS. Por favor contactar a Alejandro Rojas (x125) para más información. 



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    I’m helping a friend of mine look for a venue for his daughters celebration and I will definitely suggest this place to him.

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  • Ethan Coleman
    commented 2017-12-15 09:07:28 -0800
    That room looks fantastic! It definitely looks like an amazing place where you are able to go to celebrate a Catholic wedding, or a fantastic baptism, so thanks for the idea! I really, really appreciate it. Be sure to show pictures of people (smiling people) in the venue!

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  • Marcus Paulus
    commented 2017-02-17 12:00:48 -0800
    I was there 9 months ago. Great place!

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  • Thelma G. Wheeler
    commented 2016-07-07 16:21:12 -0700
    Romero Hall is a great place for events. I really recommend this place!