Somalia TPS: DHS Secretary Continues Effort Strip Legal Immigrants of Status

For Immediate Release

July 20, 2018

Contact: Armando Carmona, 323-250-3018, [email protected]

Nationwide – On Thursday, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen issued an extension of TPS for 18 months without redesignation to TPS giving Somali TPS holders a year and a half to leave the United States. While the Temporary Protected Status for Somalia was extended, a continued effort remains to pass legislation in Congress that achieves full residency for all TPS holders.



Zack Mohamed, Somali Refugee and Organizer at the Black Alliance for Just Immigration issued the following response:

“Being a Somali refugee myself I know firsthand what the many hundreds of Somali TPS holders went through seeking refuge from a war-torn country. I am elated to hear Trumps Administration extend Somalia TPS for 18 months, but this is a small victory as we still have many hurdles left in the fight to seek a more permanent status as there is nothing temporary about the lives of the 400,000 TPS holders and DED holders. The fight still remains with Congress and we should urge them to bring forth opportunities for the pathway to citizenship especially for people and families who have been in the U.S. for 20+ years.”

The Black Alliance for Just Immigration issued the following statement:

“We are relieved that the Trump Administration decided to temporarily spare Somali TPS holders from its egregious family separation policies, but make no mistake that the President’s racist, anti-Black, and xenophobic agenda continues. While this decision is a welcome reprieve for current Somali TPS holders and their families, it does not go far enough to provide the freedom, dignity and respect deserving of all Black and immigrant communities.”  

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