Queer Justice Youth Cohort

26238804_143423496446637_4765134098037341112_n.jpgProgram Description: CARECEN has a history of grassroots organizing, popular education, and community building as methods of both resistance and mobilization towards social change. With these aspects in mind the CARECEN's Queer Justice Youth Cohort is structured so that youth are not only validated in their experiences but also empowered to advocate and challenge the inter-sectional aspects of their identities and the conflicts that may produce. With the integration of art, academics, and self-reflection youth will simultaneously be educated on current discourse, while developing their own frameworks and skills to critically analyze the issues that surround them.

Methodology: Youth-led Participatory Action Research (YPAR)

"YPAR is an innovative approach to positive youth and community development based in social justice principles in which young people are trained to conduct systematic research to improve their lives, their communities, and the institutions intended to serve them"

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