[Estrella TV] Buenas noticias para profesionales extranjeros

Estrella TV reported on the difficulties of professionals from Latin America who can't practice in the U.S. because they can't validate their professional credentials, and on a CARECEN-sponsored forum that helps them reignite their careers. Continue reading

[Los Angeles Times] Dayworkers help at school garden to highlight fruits of their labor

The Los Angeles Times was there on Friday, April 24, when the CARECEN Day Labor Center joined IDEPSCA and NDLON to highlight the contributions of day laborers and the need to fund local day labor centers. (Photo by Stuart Palley/LAT) Continue reading

[Estrella TV] Los logros de los jornaleros en Los Angeles

Estrella TV called attention to the plight of the day labor centers in Los Angeles, which could close without funding from the city. One of those centers is the CARECEN Day Labor Center, which was established ten years ago. Continue reading

[Estrella TV] Getting Ready for May Day

Estrella TV did a live standup with CARECEN on Friday, April 24, as our young people prepared posters and banners for the May Day marches.  Continue reading

[MSN] Jornaleros donan su tiempo en granja a pesar de difícil situación económica_

MSN featured video from EFE's story about the workers at Gratts Elementary. Continue reading

[Nosotros NJ] Jornaleros donan su trabajo y tiempo para atraer atención sobre su aportación

  The newspaper Nosotros, all the way in New Jersey, car EFE's coverage of the action at Gratts Elementary. Continue reading

[Terra] Jornaleros donan tiempo en granja pese situación económica

Terra.com carried EFE's coverage of the workers' action at Gratts Elementary. Continue reading

[Fox News Latino] Jornaleros donan su trabajo y tiempo para atraer atención sobre su aportación

Fox News Latino carried coverage of the news wire EFE's story about the workers' action at Gratts Elementary. Continue reading

[Estrella TV] Day Laborers Donate Their Time at Local Elementary School

Day laborers from the CARECEN and IDEPSCA Day Labor Centers on April 24 donated their time to expand a community garden they first built and planted in February. Continue reading

[Estrella TV] The Guardian Angels of Unaccompanied Minors

Estrella TV did a follow-up report on the Guardian Angels program, which works with CARECEN and is looking after unaccompanied minors from Central America when they show up for their court dates, after a story appeared in La Opinión. They were nice enough to list CARECEN as an organization that gives them legal representation at 2:28. Continue reading