[La Opinión] CARECEN: Por 32 años, un puerto seguro para los inmigrantes

La Opinión published a report on May 20 dedicated to CARECEN and its more than 30 years of work on behalf of immigrant communities.  Continue reading


    Univison 34 reported on the “Ready California” campaign, in which centers like CARECEN unite along with other organizations and seek to guide and advise immigrants who could qualify for President Barack Obama’s executive action.  Continue reading

[Univision] Jornaleros mostraron solidaridad con Los Ángeles

Univision's Julio Cesar Ortiz devoted a long report to the street-cleaning event conducted in Los Angeles by day laborers to show they care about their city, and that the day labor centers they use, which use city funding, are a resource, not a cost. Continue reading

[Estrella TV] Jornaleros se unen para embellecer varias calles de Los Angeles

CARECEN day laborers were again the stars of the show on May 14 as Estrella TV featured a story about their street cleanup event. The cleanups happen every couple of months, but this was also part of the campaign to restore city funding for Day Labor Centers. Continue reading

[La Opinión] Condado de Los Ángeles cancela programa 287(g)

La Opinión quoted CARECEN attorney Erika Pinheiro's comments on the lack of immigration counsel for jail inmates under the Secure Communities Program and on the need to enact strict oversight of its replacement, as she provided public comment at Tuesday's Supervisors' hearing to decide the fate of Los Angeles County's 287(g) program. "Many of the inmates who voluntarily opted to leave the country had no idea they should have had legal counsel to defend their deportations," she said. Continue reading

[EFE] Jornaleros participan en entrenamiento de primeros auxilios para salvar vidas

Several Spanish-language newspapers and websites across the country carried EFE’s report on CARECEN’s workshop, presented with the American Red Cross, to train day laborers in CPR and First Aid, which was held on May 5, 2015. Those publications included La Opinión in Los Angeles, La Prensa in San Antonio, TX; La Guía Gratuita in West Palm Beach, FL;  Telemundo’s website in Atlanta, GA; Alianza News in San Jose, CA; the website Hola Ciudad!,  which serves several metro areas across the country; Hoy in Los Angeles;  World News en Español of Greenacres, FL; Nosotros in NJ; Spain’s ElEconomistaAmérica.com; Pasito.com; and NuestraGenteTVE.com. Continue reading

[Estrella TV] Clases de primeros auxilios para los jornaleros de Los Angeles

Jessica Bedolla of Channel 62 News filed a great report on the CARECEN-sponsored CPR and First Aid workshop presented by the American Red Cross on May 5, 2015. She interviewed several of the day laborers, who didn't mind missing a day of work to improve their training. Continue reading

[Univision] Jornaleros Capacitados en Primeros Auxilios

Julio César Ortíz of Univision 34 did a very complete report on the CPR and First Aid workshop sponsored by CARECEN and presented by the American Red Cross on May 5, 2015, which showed day laborers can contribute to their communities by improving their training. Continue reading

[Estrella TV] CARECEN Entrena Jornaleros en Primeros Auxilios

Rosie Orbach of Estrella TV's Cierre de Edición program aired a May 5, 2015 report on a program sponsored by CARECEN and presented by the American Red Cross to teach day laborers adult CPR and First Aid skills.   Continue reading

[La Opinion] Inmigrantes con título universitario... y sin poder ejercer en EEUU

La Opinion published a story on April 30, 2015 about Latin American professionals who can't practice their careers in the United States for lack of a way to validate their licenses. The story previewed a May 2 forum co-sponsored by CARECEN that showed them a way. Continue reading