[Estrella TV] Caravana de la Esperanza

In her July 7, 2015 report on a caravan that would be making its way to New Orleans for the Fifth Circuit Court's hearing on lifting an injunction against administrative relief, Jessica Bedolla of Estrella TV's Channel 62 featured interviews with several community organizations, including CARECEN. Continue reading

[Estrella TV] Libertad Para Madres y Niños Migrantes

The program Cierre de Edición reported on an action that CARECEN participated in along with the Human Rights Alliance for Child Refugees and Families on July 2, to draw attention to the plight of mothers and children being detained by ICE in centers in Texas and Pennsylvania. The action featured press interviews with Silvia, a mother who was detained and now has been released with an ankle bracelet. She is living in Los Angeles pending resolution of her case. Continue reading

[La Opinión] "Nos trataban como presos", cuenta una madre migrante

In advance of an action in which CARECEN participated, La Opinión published an interview on Friday, July 2, 2015, with a mother who was held with her 11-year-old son in a family detention center in Texas. CARECEN joins the Human Rights Alliance for Child Refugees and Families in demanding that these centers be closed. Continue reading

[Estrella TV]La situación de los migrantes es peor de lo que se pensaba

The program Cierre de Edición traveled to the Mexico/Guatemala border following a human rights delegation from Los Angeles that went to investigate how Mexico is treating migrants fleeing the violence in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. The delegation included Ángela Sanbrano, board president at CARECEN. Continue reading

[Univision] Experta ofrece algunos tips para cómo afrontar tu futuro migratorio

CARECEN attorney Erika Pinheiro was interviewed by Univision on June 12, 2015 regarding tips for those who might qualify in the future for DACA and DAPA, and what they can do while the programs are reviewed in the courts. Continue reading

[La Opinión] La Preparación Para DAPA y DACA Continúa

La Opinión published an Op-Ed article by CARECEN ED Martha Arévalo about social justice organizations’ reaction to obstacles in the implementation of President Obama’s administrative relief programs.  Continue reading

[La Opinion] Fiesta en Los Ángeles por Monseñor Romero

La Opinion reported on May 23, 2015, a historic day that joined the church and the people for the beatification of Archbishop Oscar Romero. Continue reading

[LA Times] Salvadoran Angelenos celebrate Archbishop Oscar Romero's beatification

The Los Angeles Times reported on Saturday’s ceremony in which Salvadorans in LA joined together in observance of the beatification of Archbishop Oscar Romero.  Continue reading

[Hoy] Separadas por la ideología, unidas por Monseñor Romero

Hoy Los Angeles reported on the ceremonies and activities offered by various local institutions around Los Angeles in honor of the beatification of Archbishop Oscar Romero.   Continue reading

[Estrella TV] Jornaleros Limpiando la Ciudad

Rosa María Orbach, of Cierre de Edición on Estrella TV, broadcast a report on May 21 regarding the Day Labor Center’s street cleanup action.  Continue reading