[Estrella TV] Ayuda a indocumentados

Abel Alvarez, with Estrella TV's national newscast, interviewed CARECEN managing attorney Gloria Espitia on October 12, 2015, regarding some of the measures signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown that are expected to help immigrants, including one that more clearly defines law enforcement's obligations to those who may qualify for U visas--visas designated for victims of violent crimes. Continue reading

[EFE] Menores deportados sufren otras formas de agresión cuando retornan

EFE did an interview with José Guadalupe Ruelas, a human rights leader from Honduras who spoke on October 8, 2015 at CARECEN regarding the danger and threats children face when they are deported back to Central America after trying to flee the violence there. Continue reading

[Estrella TV] Plaza Comunitaria and Casa Universitaria Graduation

Estrella TV's Channel 62 did a report on September 3, 2015 about our Plaza Comunitaria/Casa Universitaria graduation ceremony, featuring Irma Rodriguez, a disabled woman who was being honored. Continue reading

[Estrella TV] Plaza Comunitaria and Casa Universitaria Women Graduates

Rosa María Orbach, of the program Cierre de Edición, did a report on September 3, 2015 that focused on the women in Plaza Comunitaria/Casa Universitaria who were receiving their degrees.  Continue reading

[Hoy] Líderes salvadoreños en Estados Unidos: una generación comprometida

Martha Arévalo, CARECEN executive diector, is one of the Salvadoran community leaders interviewed by the magazine Hoy about the new,  committed generation of Salvadoran activists in an article published August 3, 2015. Continue reading

[La Opinión] Ninguna mejora hará de la detención de familias una opción moral

On Tuesday, July 21, 2015, La Opinión published an op-ed article by CARECEN ED Martha Arévalo decrying continued family detention. Continue reading

[HispanTV] Declaraciones de Donald Trump afectarán su candidatura en EEUU

HispanTV's Victor Cordero quoted CARECEN in its report Sunday, July 12, 2015 on the controversy surrounding Donald Trump's comments regarding Mexicans and Latinos.  Continue reading

[Univision] Se hace pasar por abogada y defrauda a víctimas

Univision's Norma Roque interviewed CARECEN legal director Dan Sharp on July 10, 2015 in a report about a woman who was passing herself off as an immigration attorney and offering her services to church members. Continue reading

[La Opinión] La suerte de los indocumentados en manos de tres jueces

La Opinión quoted CARECEN in an article on July 9, 2015, previewing a hearing at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals regarding whether DAPA and DACA programs are constitutional and can go forward. Continue reading

[Univision] Campaña “Dump the Trump” en Los Angeles

Univision's Channel 34 recently reported on a campaign led by CHIRLA to protest Donald Trump's visit July 10, 2015 to Los Angeles and interviewed CARECEN ED Martha Arévalo. Continue reading