[English PEN] The long road home

The writer Juan Carlos Villalobos, who wrote a profile of two unaccompanied young people in February, wrote this piece about his experience working with them for the website English PEN in April. Continue reading

[La Opinión] The Guardian Angels of Migrant Children

CARECEN is one of the organizations featured in a story about the Guardian Angels in La Opinión on March 30, 2015 that describes the work of this and other organizations in helping migrant children Continue reading

[Solución Azteca] Abogada Erika Pinheiro de CARECEN habla de Dapa y Daca

A team of CARECEN legal aces participated on March 26, 2015 in Solucion Azteca, a day-long call-in event to explain the ins and outs of DAPA/DACA and Administrative Relief to the public. Continue reading

[Buzzfeed] The Immigrant Leader Accused Of Fooling Immigrants, The Media, And Daddy Yankee

Daniel Sharp, legal director of the Central American Resource Center (CARECEN), first noticed Cabrera’s operation around this time. He had seen Cabrera’s ads in the local Spanish papers, and even though Cabrera never used the word “notario,” the ads struck Sharp as no different from those of other people who illegally peddled immigration services. Continue reading

[Matter Magazine] The Teen's Guide to Surviving Immigration

  The online Matter Magazine published a report by the writer Juan Carlos Villalobos that followed the lives of two unaccompanied minors who had crossed the border just before the surge of about 58,000 young people who arrived from Central America in 2014. Both were clients of CARECEN.  Continue reading

[California Report] L.A. Braces for Wave of Scams Preying on Immigrants Seeking Legal Services

The California Report interviewed CARECEN Legal Director Dan Sharp for its report on the expected rush of notarios for the implementation of DAPA. Continue reading

[Los Angeles Times] L.A. Council acts to prevent halt in funding for community programs

In a story about the LA City Council restoring funding for community programs by Emily Alpert Reyes, the Los Angeles Times quoted ED Martha Arevalo as she expressed relief that the CARECEN Day Labor Center would be able to continue operating thanks to the budget move. Continue reading