[La Opinion] Hispanos se gradúan de programa de educación a distancia en CARECEN

La Opinión covered the fourth generation of 60 students who graduated from CARECEN's Plaza Comunitaria/Casa Universitaria programs on September 10, 2016. This included literacy students, elementary and middle school graduates, and those who finished entrepreneurship and robotics workshops this summer.  Continue reading

[Los Angeles Times] Ancient Mayan languages are creating problems for today's immigration courts

Cindy Cárcamo of the Los Angeles Times quoted one of our CARECEN attorneys in a story about the lack of resources to translate indigenous languages in immigration courts. (Photo: Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times) Continue reading

[KPCC] Some Central American asylum seekers learning to represent themselves in court

KPCC'S Leslie Berestein Rojas reported on CARECEN's family asylum clinic in a story that aired July 19, 2016. The story also appeared on the KPCC website. Continue reading

[Estrella TV] Victoria Para Estudiantes de Bajos Recursos

Estrella TV's Leticia Estrada reported on the benefits to low-income, English-learner and foster students in California thanks to Gov. Brown's signing of a budget measure that added almost $250 million in resources for their college preparedness.  Continue reading

[Univision] Ayuda financiera para estudiantes de California

Univisión's Norma Roque filed a report on Gov. Brown's signing of a budget that included more money to help low-income, English-learner and foster children students throughout California reach college. The budget initiative, supported by CARECEN, included $200 million to help school districts channel students toward colleges, $18.5 million for 2,500 new spaces at UC for these students, and $20 million to help the UCs do outreach to them in high school. Continue reading

[VICE] The Los Angeles Unified School District Has Banned Immigration Raids on Its Campuses

The LAUSD school board unanimously adopted a resolution on Tuesday that formally bans ICE agents from coming onto school property without permission. After the deportation raids in January and the hurtful rhetoric circulating around the immigration issue at the Presidential debates expressed through the media, the community has felt a heightened sense of fear. This move was to help appease that fear. VICE interviews the President of the LAUSD Board of Education, Steve Zimmer, and CARECEN's Director of Communications, Teresa Borden, on this decision and why it is important. Continue reading

[LA Times] ICE agents won't be going onto Los Angeles public school campuses

[Photo Credit: EPA] On Tuesday, the LAUSD Board unanimously voted so that immigration agents are not allowed on school property without clearancefrom the superintendent and district lawyer. This move was made in response to the fears of undocumented families who worry that ICE agents may look for their children at school. Although ICE claims they do not go to schools searching for undocumented students, the worry of families have been heightened after the raids that occurred across the country last month. This vote by the LAUSD Board was a symbolic gesture to say that the school district prioritizes the safety of their children as well as to say they will not easily cooperate with the deportation raids enforced by the Obama administration.      Continue reading

[Univision] Un viaje contra las redadas de inmigración

Univision's Maria Antonieta Collins traveled to Los Angeles to round out her interviews with an unaccompanied child, Anderson Lemus, and his mother, Geyso Lemus. Both mother and son went to Washington D.C. to advocate for the end of deportations on February 3, 2016.  Continue reading

[Univision] “Crónicas de Sábado” presenta : Redadas, el temor nuestro de cada día, por la cadena Univision

  On February 6, 2016, Saturday, Univision's Felix de Bedout and Maria Antoineta Collins will be heading a two-hour program, "Crónicas de sábado: Redadas, el temor nuestro de cada día," which will highlight the impact of immigration raids in families that  have come to the US to seek asylum. One of the stories features Geyso and Anderson Lemus, Central American refugee mother and son, in Los angeles.  Continue reading