I have doubts about my notary but they work with attorneys; should I trust their work?

If a notary states that they work with an attorney, both the notary and the attorney are probably breaking the law. The only circumstance in which an attorney can work with a notary is if the notary is an employee in the attorney’s office. But notaries/immigration consultants that work on immigration issues generally maintain their own offices or independent businesses and have ties with certain attorneys. Do not trust attorneys that work with immigration consultants and notaries.

Another situation that ruins many immigrants’ cases is when notaries/immigration consultants are working with attorneys that only represent the person in court. The notary/immigration consultant finds clients and works with an attorney that represents the client in immigration court. Generally, the client does not have contact with the attorney except on the day of their court hearing. The notary/immigration consultant maintains the primary contact with the client and maybe prepares documents and/or collects payments for the attorney.

That type of professional relationship between attorney and notary/immigration consultant is prohibited. An attorney cannot share earnings with someone that is not an attorney. An attorney can employ a “paralegal”, but only if the attorney directly supervises them and complies with other requirements established by law. An attorney cannot have a professional relationship with a notary/immigration consultant that maintains their own office, fills out immigration forms, and gives legal advice. If the attorney knows that the notary/immigration consultant with whom he works is breaking the law (something that should be evident to any attorney), or if the notary/immigration consultant receives any compensation for referring clients to the attorney, then the attorney is also breaking the law through his professional tie with the notary/immigration consultant.

Additionally, an attorney that does not work directly with his clients is not capable of providing quality legal representation and can jeopardize your immigration case. It is possible that your case won’t be complicated and the attorney manages to solve it. But unscrupulous attorneys that work with notaries/immigration consultants generally provide low-quality services. If you have an appointment in immigration court, it means that you are in the process of deportation. Your future in the United States is in the hands of that attorney and you should have direct communication with them.

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