How to avoid becoming a victim of notary fraud, immigration consultants, and unscrupulous attorneys

  • Don’t look for what you want to hear. If you are looking for someone to promise you residency, you will always find someone to do so. Be a good consumer, look for a second (and third) opinion. A legitimate medical practitioner advises their patients to look for other opinions and does not take offense if a patient does. Feel free to do the same with a legal case.
  • Don’t sign documents or forms in blank.
  • Don’t sign applications or documents in a language that you don’t understand
  • Don’t sign documents that include false information
  • Verify that the attorney is legitimate and that they belong to the State Bar of one of the fifty states. To find legitimate attorneys visit
  • If your case is being prepared by a nonprofit organization, make sure that it has legitimate attorneys and personnel supervised by attorneys or at least with the person accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals. You can do this through
  • Stay informed about your case
  • Demand a contract that specifies the costs and score of the representation.

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