How can a notary/immigration consultant jeopardize my immigration case?

The job quality of the work that an attorney does affects the result of your case. When immigration has the discretion of approving or denying a case, the quality of the preparation is fundamental. The bad quality jobs that notaries and immigration consultants carry out can cause irreparable damages to your immigration case.

Some of the most common problems that notaries cause are:

  • Cases denied due to the bad quality of the job
  • Incorrect forms and unnecessary payments
  • Incomplete information due to missing key evidence
  • A lot of the people who have been deported or are in the deportation process were convinced by a notary that they qualified for some immigration benefit. Don’t fall for it!

If you sign legal immigration documents, you are responsible for its contents. If the notary puts false information and you sign without knowing, the USCIS can hold you responsible and deny your case for fraud. If immigration concludes that you lied in any immigration process, it can also jeopardize future processes.

The immigration laws have changed a lot in the past 15 years. Processes that were simple in the past have gotten more complicated due to changes in the law. It is the attorneys’ and accredited representatives’ responsibility to maintain up to date with the changes in immigration laws. Notaries/consultants are not familiar with immigration laws because they don’t have education/professional credentials of any kind.

A lot of fraud victims claim they worked with the same notary that arranged a family member or friend’s papers. If a notary managed to process residency for someone that you know, don’t trust that the same will happen in your case.

Another case that fraud victims often mention is that they thought process was simple and so they did not need an attorney. That may be true, but if you yourself can’t fill out the forms, seek legitimate advice from nonprofit organizations with attorneys or accredited personnel to help you. Don’t leave your legal status in the hands of a criminal!

The reason why a notary can’t offer legal immigration services is very simple. In the same way that you would not allow a person without a license to practice medicine perform a surgery, you should not allow a person not licensed to practice immigration law to help you with your legal case.

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  • Naomi Stalenberg
    commented 2016-12-28 23:35:26 -0800
    My boyfriend and i were going to move again to the u.s. i’m a citizen and we had been planning on getting him a okay-1 visa from and getting married and adjusting his repute as soon as we had been there. Now, My query right here is if you may cross and visit the u.s. while your software is being decided upon. i’m currently residing in Sweden with him, and there has been a regulation stating that you were now not allowed within the us of a while they had been deliberating over your case, and you’ll simplest be legally allowed to go into as soon as your case have been decided. i used to be wondering if the u.s. had whatever comparable, or the same coverage?
  • Anonymous
    commented 2016-08-30 03:52:20 -0700
    I’d like to learn more about the point on unnecessary payments. What is behind this? Notary/immigration consultants often are professionals and provide correct forms but data there in lots of cases is fake. Personally, I would never walk on thin ice knowing that my future depends on the qualification and information provided by an immigration consultant. Unfortunately, people often are afraid to fail the immigration procedure because of unawareness. Everything can be done on your own and just need to have right sources to learn about the rules and immigration conditions. You can find a legal job or education programs like at and complete documents by yourself (or even ask your employer for a little help).