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The Cancellation of TPS Honduras threatens the lives of over 57,000 Hondurans, their families and their community


Los Angeles: Today, the Trump administration issued a decision to officially terminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for nearly 57,000 Hondurans who have legally lived in the U.S for 20 years. The administration also announced it is giving TPS beneficiaries only eighteen months before they are obligated to leave the U.S.

CARECEN denounces the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Trump Administration endorsement to end legal status for thousands of Honduran immigrants who legally fled to the U.S for refugee and asylum. The decision to terminate TPS puts thousands of lives at risk by disregarding the consequences this notion can have on the lives of TPS holders and their families.  Honduran TPS holders have built a stable and safe life in the United States after escaping armed conflict and a crime-ridden environment and national disaster in their homeland in the 90s. Additionally, Hondurans returning to the country will face increased murder rates and terrifying oppression that has been unfolding since the U.S-backed 2009 coup. Today, political unrest and homicide rates plague Honduras since the contested election of Juan Orlando.

As a member of the National TPS Alliance, CARECEN urges the congress and the administration to find permanent solutions and permanent residency for TPS holders.

“We have contributed to this country for decades. It is our home” said Marta Connor, Honduran TPS holder and member on the National TPS Alliance. “It is our children's’ home and to disregard our lives to this degree is painful. It is a betrayal to our dedication to this country. But we are strong and we will stand in our right for justice, equality and a safe life. We will overcome.”

Founded in 1983, CARECEN is the largest Central American immigrant rights organization in the country. CARECEN defends and protects the human and civil rights of the immigrant community.


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