10 November, 2022 5:54 PM

DHS Announces TPS Auto- Extension For the Countries of El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Nepal, Haiti, and Sudan

Nationwide, Today the Department of Homeland Security pre-published a  Federal Register Notice and statement announcing the auto-extension of TPS for countries under the Ramos litigation which include El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Nepal, Haiti, and Sudan. With further details to follow, all Employment Authorizations and protections from deportation have been extended until June 30, 2024 with no need of a renewal. This notice is set to be published officially on November 16, 2022.

Staff Members of the Central American Resource Issued the Following Statements:

Today’s news comes at an unexpected and unusual time nonetheless it is very welcomed. It is important to note that the automatic extension is not in effect until November 16th, when the Federal Register Notice will be officially published. We want members of the community to know that when the automatic extension goes into effect, there is no action that they need to take. TPS protections and work authorization will extend automatically. There is no need to re-apply for TPS protections or employment authorization. Work permits with past expiration dates will be extended automatically and should be accepted by employers as valid proof of work authorization. TPS holders should be cautious and avoid notarios and immigration legal service providers who give false information. - Camila Alvarez, Legal Director, CARECEN-LA

Just hours before hosting an informational TPS Forum and boarding a flight to Washington D.C to participate in a hunger strike to advocate for my TPS community, we got this shocking but welcomed news. This also comes days after midterm elections and all the hurdles TPS holders have faced to secure a new designation. As a TPS holder, I am pleased by the auto-extension in the short term. Since the Trump Administration’s attack on TPS protections, I have been fighting to keep my protections alongside hundreds of TPS families that are in the same situation. We refuse to be political pawns for the next 18 months. For five years, and still now, I continue to call on the Administration to re-designate TPS for Central America and for Congress to pass permanent residency. We will not stop organizing until we win. - Evelyn Hernandez, CARECEN TPS Holder & Coordinator.


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