CARECEN Rejects Trump's Executive Orders Against Immigrant & Muslim Communities

January 25, 2017, Los Angeles – Today, President Trump has made good on his enduring campaign promise of persecuting immigrants, refugee and Muslim communities with two executive orders that direct scarce government resources to build a wall, victimize Sanctuary cities, ban refugees and build up a federal force to deport millions. CARECEN rejects these actions and promises to fight and resist this agenda of hate and exclusion.

The orders direct officials to begin building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, call for the hiring of 5,000 border agents to swell Trump’s deportation force, promise to withhold funding from Sanctuary cities, and enhance the powers of border agents. There are also measures to bar refugees for at least four months and directives to keep Muslims from legally entering the country.

“Certainly we’re not surprised at the content of these executive orders,” said Martha Arevalo, executive director at CARECEN. “Trump has made no secret of his eagerness to abuse our communities. His campaign began with insults against immigrants and a promise to build a wall. Now he is following through. But we have been in this situation before, we are pulling together, and we will resist.”

CARECEN will continue to work to ensure that we protect communities of color, women, Muslims , and undocumented people to be made targets of this illegitimate administration. We call on our state and local officials to speak out against policies that victimize marginalized communities.

CARECEN pledges to fight these policies of hate in the streets, in the courts, and in the policy arena. We are here and we will not go back into the shadows, no matter what weapons this administration chooses to use against us. Our struggle continues.

CARECEN has worked for more than 33 years to protect the rights and dignity of Central American and Latino immigrants in Southern California. Since its founding in 1983, when thousands of Central Americans were fleeing the brutality of civil war, CARECEN has worked to change unjust immigration policies, win legal status for immigrants, and foster community activism on education reform, workers’ and immigrant rights, economic justice and community strengthening.