CARECEN-LA Stands in Support of Teachers & Students Fighting to Defend Public Education

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January 14, 2019

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CARECEN-LA Stands in Support of Teachers & Students Fighting to Defend Public Education

Los Angeles, CA – On Monday, January 14th 2019 United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) launched a city wide strike aimed to radically improve the conditions of Los Angeles’ public education system, ensuring student access to ethnic studies courses, reducing class sizes, and increasing college counselors to uplift our communities.

Martha Arevalo, Executive Director of CARECEN-LA issued the following statement:

It’s been 30 years since Los Angeles last witnessed its teachers engage in a strike. During that time Los Angeles students have faced a systemic disinvestment in our youth, in communities of color and throughout immigrant communities.  Teachers have taken on a tremendous fight that goes beyond wages and benefits. This is about how our community envisions a public education system that truly serves all of our communities.

“CARECEN-LA stands in solidarity with our teachers, students and parents to ensure that all students receive quality education, said Martha Arevalo, CARECEN-LA executive director.  This can only be made possible if our teachers have the adequate working conditions and the resources to be successful.

As our country faces a growing political crisis – vulnerable populations are threatened and immigrants are targeted – Los Angeles must lead by demonstrating to our parents, students and teachers that they are being prioritized and their voices are heard.

It is clear that the education of our students is tied to the working conditions of our teachers. We stand in solidarity with Los Angeles teachers, students and parents that demand a public education system that uplifts our communities, reduces class sizes, provides access to ethnic studies courses and ensures higher salaries for our teachers.

The following are statements issued from LAUSD Students that participate in workshops and college-prep courses at CARECEN-LA.

"I support the strike because teachers should not be teaching a class of 35+ students for the amount of work they do, it is just not fair, said Ronald Cabrera, a 2018 graduate from Miguel Contreras Learning Complex, and an incoming freshman at UCR. “I experienced the huge class sizes and I do not like stuffing a lot of students into one room. It’s not a good learning environment. We as students learn more when we have class sizes of 20 or less.”

"I support the teachers strike because we need more nurses and psychologists on campus, said Jennifer Lico, a 9th grade student at Robert f. Kennedy Community School Class of 2022. “At RFK we only have a nurse on Wednesdays and when students get hurt the secretaries in the office help them. We need more psychologists to support students who are going through difficult situations. If a student is preoccupied or anxious about events in their life they won’t be able to fully concentrate on learning, but with psychologists, students will heal and feel comfortable at school."

Founded in 1983, CARECEN is the largest Central American immigrant rights organization in the country. CARECEN defends and protects the human and civil rights of the immigrant community.



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