How CARECEN has been taking action

 Community Organizing



CARECEN, along with NDLON and IDEPSCA, convened a Popular Assembly on Tuesday November 15th to launch a broad based Alto Trump campaign to defend immigrant rights and confront systemic racism. More than 500 community members came together to collectively discuss how to prepare and what to do next to defend our rights and our dignity. 

“My son is young and undocumented. He could be detained or deported by the racist immigration policies of this country—and that risk became even greater with Tuesday’s election,” said Maria Cristina, day laborer and member of CARECEN. “I, along with many other mothers of migrants, will defend my son. I will not allow Trump or ICE to stop me. A long time ago, I abandoned fear—and I am stronger today because of it. My community is too. The love we have for our families is much stronger than fear. We will continue to denounce unjust deportations. Fuera ICE! Alto Trump!” she concluded.

 ***There are a growing number of organizations involved in organizing, the popular assemblies are growing and will be updated regularly at

 Policy at the Local and National Level


Legal Services 



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