Does an immigration consultant have a professional credential, license or any formal training in immigration law?

Despite the title “immigration consultant,” these persons do not have a professional credential that requires any training whatsoever. Immigration consultants are not immigration experts. On the contrary, they are prohibited from even offering legal advice in immigration matters. Immigration consultants who try to offer such advice are lawbreakers, not experts. Do not put your legal status in the hands of a criminal.

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  • masum rana
    commented 2018-10-31 04:01:11 -0700
  • William Cook
    commented 2016-08-04 02:46:21 -0700
    Immigration consultant is another scam services that are aimed at getting money from people providing the information available for free. Unfortunately, lots of immigrants are unaware about the law details and specific procedures and think they can solve their problems with such a help instead of going to immigration authorities directly. As was mentioned at similar issues exists with visa system: people often rely on services hoping they will have more chances on getting a visa while those services are doing all the same you can easily do by yourself.