Community nonprofit organizations can help, right?

Not all nonprofit organizations are capable of offering legitimate legal immigration services.

Nonprofit organizations that do not have legitimate immigration attorneys or accredited personnel by the Board of Immigration Appeals cannot charge you any monetary compensation in exchange for legal immigration services. It doesn’t matter that the organization has good intentions in helping you, if these do not have attorneys or accredited representatives, they cannot offer legal help in terms of immigration in exchange for money. If so, these organizations would be breaking the law in the same way that notaries or immigration consultants do and can also cause the same damage to your case.

If you would like information about the organizations that have representatives accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals can visit the Department of Justice’s web page at

It’s important to take into account that many nonprofit organizations share the same name in different parts of the country. But this doesn’t mean that they all have accredited representatives. If an organization appears in the list of offices with representatives accredited by the Department of Justice, ONLY the office on that address can offer legal services.

Any organization that doesn’t have attorneys or accredited representatives and wants to provide not legal immigration services is subject to the same limitations as an immigration consultant and should have the bond deposit of $50,000 and be recognized by the Secretary of State. After fulfilling all of these requirements, the organization can only assist with photocopies, translations, and sending documents without providing any type of legal advice in your case.

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  • commented 2016-11-29 23:45:40 -0800
    Is it feasible for me to address a immigration consultant on the web? Now I am looking this because I need this type of site just for get help. To what extent may it take to support my family from Cameroon to come leave with me in Canada?
  • commented 2016-10-27 00:16:48 -0700
    What about this profit organization with attorneys and accredited representatives? Just ask and we will find out solution for legal immigration issues. Not necessarily to be a non profit organization.