[LA Times] ICE agents won't be going onto Los Angeles public school campuses


[Photo Credit: EPA]

On Tuesday, the LAUSD Board unanimously voted so that immigration agents are not allowed on school property without clearancefrom the superintendent and district lawyer. This move was made in response to the fears of undocumented families who worry that ICE agents may look for their children at school. Although ICE claims they do not go to schools searching for undocumented students, the worry of families have been heightened after the raids that occurred across the country last month. This vote by the LAUSD Board was a symbolic gesture to say that the school district prioritizes the safety of their children as well as to say they will not easily cooperate with the deportation raids enforced by the Obama administration. 




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  • commented 2017-03-02 11:18:13 -0800
    Thanks the LAUSD Board so much. The student should not be worried about this problem. They are too young. And I hope the superintendent and district lawyer won’t give the ICE agents that clearance.